I’m going back to school!

Well actually, classes have already begun!! I can’t believe that I am back in school! I finished my freshman year four years ago in 2012 and I decided to drop out after my first year because I absolutely hated it. The lectures were so boring, I was so tired and sleepy during the entire class… I honestly never thought I would return.

But look at me now! I re-enrolled in July as a sophomore, paid for my tuition and signed up for two online classes at my local college: Art Appreciation and Liberal Arts Math. I am still working 40 hours at my job so I am doing my school work and assignments in the evening after work… it is tough to balance it all because I also have to add wrestling to the mix. Raw, Smackdown and NXT combined are ~6 hours of tv show every. single. week. That’s a lot. o_O

Being busy is just what I need though. Now that I am single, and little by little fully accepting and embracing it, I definitely need to stay busy so I can keep my mind off of boys and simply focus on myself.

I cancelled my Netflix subscription because I honestly don’t have time for it anymore. I managed to watch Stranger Things before I cancelled it though, and I’ll probably re-subscribe whenever the new season comes out… and also when Reign (season 3) gets added because Reign is everything.

SummerSlam was last weekend and… Sasha Banks lost her title. *cries* I had read online that she was going to lose but I didn’t want to believe it. I think she wanted time off to heal some injuries, or something, so now I am just looking forward to her return! (Actually now that I think about it, she did get married recently…I wonder if she just wanted time off to spend with her new husband lol)

I am a badass

bad-ass-bookI finally finished reading Jen Sincero’s “You are a Badass” book and I absolutely loved it. I randomly saw it at Target one weekend and I picked it up because I was going through a super shitty time and felt like crap. It wasn’t just this book alone that made me feel better but it  definitely helped and I recommend you all read it too!

I’ve been catching up on a lot of TV, last weekend I sat on the couch and binge watched all of season 2 of Jane the Virgin… not the most productive way to spend an entire weekend but whatevs. I love that show. Have you seen it? If you haven’t you should! It’s cute, fun, romantic and mysterious… Just overall a great show.

Another thing that’s great? I got my AC fixed in my car yesterday — finally. I’ve also been finishing up season 5 of Scandal. Big yawn! Some parts are so boring, I’m tired of the Liv + Fitz + Jake love triangle and LIV IS SO ANNOYING! I’ve always been more of a Mellie fan anyway. I complain about the show but I can’t stop watching, some parts are still really good.

Sasha Banks is the Women’s Champion (yay!!) so I’m really looking forward to Raw tomorrow night to see her come out with the belt. Smackdown? Not so much. Eva killed it for me with her stupid promo last week. Hopefully this week’s show is better!

I just looked at the date… it’s the last day of July! Wow. Holy fuck actually. I still remember the first day of 2016. It’s crazy how much things have changed.

Anyways, on a happy note I am in the process of feeling much better. I can honestly feel it inside of me… I can feel my heart healing, I can feel myself becoming stronger because I am overcoming this shitty time on my own. I’m not leaning against another guy to make this pain go away, and I am sooo proud of myself. Just like the title of this blog post says: I’m a badass. :)

Nerding out with Karen!

I had a fun time last week hanging out with Karen from Karen Nerds Out at two different events. Wednesday night we headed to Full Sail University to watch some NXT tv tapings… that was SO much fun. The last time that I went to an NXT event I was all alone so going with a friend was definitely a much nicer experience! (But I am still proud of myself for going alone!)

I’ve met some other ladies on Instagram and Twitter that are also big wrestling fans so I’m looking forward to going to more wrestling events with them! Finding people with similar interests is THE BEST!!


A few days later Karen invited me to go with her to Medieval Times. I was pretty excited to go because I had never gone to this dinner show before! I remember in elementary school we all had a field trip to go to this place but I didn’t get to go… wah. But it’s okay because I can finally say I have been to Medieval Times and I had a wonderful time eating some good food and watching the show! I took the long(er) way home when I left so that I could pass by Downtown Orlando… I am such a small town girl and have only seen Downtown Orlando a handful of times so I’m totally amazed whenever I see the buildings and I know it’s silly, but they are just so beautiful at night. *HEART EYES*

I don’t have plans to go out this weekend… I just want to sleep and relax and be lazy! ^_^ There is actually a pay-per-view on Sunday night (WWE Battleground) that I am really looking forward to. The draft just happened too and let me just say that I am definitely Team Raw! All my favorites got drafted to the Raw roster (Jericho, Sasha, KO, Cesaro – even though I think he really wanted to be on Smackdown) and of course Enzo & Cass! Ohh and we have Seth Rollins too! *HEART EYES AGAIN!*

Have you ever been to a dinner and show event like Medieval Times? I know they have a few Medieval Times around the USA.

Thoughts on rebranding my blog


So this morning I was thinking about doing a rebrand here on Oh Hey Jess. And then I was like, “Why would I do that!?” I don’t need to rebrand… I just need to refocus. The past nine months have been a crazy rollercoaster ride for me and because this is a personal lifestyle blog I wanted to write all about it and be very open about it.

Some days I’m okay, some days I’m not… But I am doing better, much better than I was in late April, May and June. My heart is still broken from the weird fall out with my boyfriend (I can’t even say break-up because we still haven’t actually broken up… we just fell apart…) But I’m doing better because I no longer wake up with this heavy weight on my chest like I used to and because I can feel myself getting a little better I want to refocus on what I blog about. So basically, this will (hopefully…hehe) be my last post talking about my relationships and all the love drama. I want Oh Hey Jess to be the place where I talk about what makes me happy, specifically my favorite fandoms and all the things I am loving at the moment.

I’m a nerd, I’m a geek, I’m a fangirl. I am very passionate when it comes to my favorite fandoms… and also in my dating life, which is probably why he thinks I’m crazy but whatevs. lol

So yeah! Let’s talk about those fandoms! Let’s about wrestling! (A lot about wrestling!) Let’s talk about The Bachelorette! Let’s talk about the shows I’m watching, the books I’m reading, the music I’m listening to, the clothes I’m buying, the trips I’m planning… Let’s redesign this place and get a new blog design! Wooooo! Hopefully talking about positive, awesome stuff will make me feel better and will motivate me to blog more often! (And if you do miss the drama and whining, feel free to head over to my Twitter because I will still be complaining about guys over there hehe)

Have you rebranded your blog or gotten a new blog design lately? Did that help motivate you to blog more?

See ya later June!

June was an interesting month. I spent the first half of April on cloud 9 and then everything sorta went downhill with my relationship with my boyfriend. I felt so sad and confused for most of May, going to MegaCon was definitely the highlight and the first time in awhile that I had felt really happy.

I spent most of June trying to figure shit out in my head, heart and relationship. My heart was totally into this guy, I fell hard and fast… but my mind was telling me to move on and to let him go because of the way he was treating me. I never really understood this “It’s Complicated” relationship status, but now I do because that’s what I’m in… I’m in an “It’s Complicated” relationship, and it sucks. *eyeroll*

But it’s weird because for such a shitty month (relationship/feelings wise) I actually did a bunch of fun stuff!

June2015-Recap-1So like I said before, at the end of May I went to my first MegaCon and the next weekend I saw Ellie Goulding in concert with my sister and I loved it! Ellie is great live and I love her latest album. The only thing that I didn’t like was that I bought a ticket with an assigned seat so that I could sit and watch the show but the girls in front of me stood up the entire time and danced, which is cool and all but DUDE YOU ARE BLOCKING MY COMFORTABLE SITTING VIEW! But besides that it was a great show. 😉

Later that week I went to my first ever NXT (wrestling) show at Full Sail University. Now that was a fun experience! My bf/not-bf (you guys, I have no idea what to call him…) gave me his ticket because he couldn’t go. This show was the 3rd wrestling show that I had been to but my 1st time going to a show alone. IT WAS WEIRD! It was so much fun to watch but it was strange not knowing the person sitting beside you and these sort of things tend to have more guys than girls and I’m crazy and I always think someone might try to kidnap me since I’m all alone, but thankfully I got in and out safely. :)

The weekend after that I went to watch the Orlando City soccer team play for the second time this year! It rained so that made the game a little less fun but I still enjoyed it!

June2015-Recap-2The highlight of June was definitely that I went to my first ever Monday Night Raw show!! You guys, I have fallen in love with wrestling. Well, the WWE. I bought these tickets months ago for me and my bf/whatever to go together. “Yeah, buy them and I’ll pay you back for mine!” is what he said…

NOPE. He didn’t go and he didn’t pay me for his ticket. *facepalm* But it’s whatever, money comes and goes and ya know what? I had a freaking amazing time. I was blessed with the Gift of Jericho and that just made my night. Boyfriend or not, this girl is staying in the WWE Universe.

I did some other stuff like attend my niece’s dance recital, went shopping with my mom and sister and just spent time with my family. I started watching OITNB and The Bachelorette and I am reading Me Before You. I saw the new Ninja Turtles movie (it sucked) but whatevs, it’s the turtles and I love the turtles.

So basically the first 6 months of 2016 were very interesting. A lot of false hope, broken promises, a divorce, a new relationship, sadly too many tears and heartache but also a lot of wrestling and that is what I like to focus on. 😉 Here’s to hoping that the next 6 months are full of smiles, more wrestling, less tears and lots of fun and exciting adventures! ♥

I finally went to MegaCon!

Oh hi, yes I’m alive. Life has been shit lately so I haven’t felt like blogging. One day I’ll recap my Texas/Wrestlemania trip… but until I feel like writing about that trip I wanted to recap my Memorial Day weekend. :)

Friday night I finally watched Captain America: Civil War. Good movie, I wouldn’t say it’s the best movie ever but it was good. It had Iron Man in it so of course I liked it. He’s my favorite.

On Saturday I finally went to my first MegaCon! I met up with Karen, Danielle and Liz who were smart and got there early. I was dumb and left the house around noon, got to the convention area around 1pm and after almost having a mini meltdown trying to find parking I was finally inside waiting in line for my wristband at 2pm. I waited a little over an hour. It was horrible. But once I found the girls I was happy. :)

MegaCon-1I kept my outfit really simple: I wore my new Sailor Moons shirt, some shorts and my new mint green Keds I got on sale for $15!! The selfie is me AFTER MegaCon once I got in my car and my hair looked crazy and I was sweating from all that walking. For some reason I liked it. lol

Megacon-2I saw so many cool costumes but I didn’t stop to take any pictures. But then I saw this amazing Final Fantasy cosplay group and I had to stop and ask Liz to take a picture of me with the girl dressed as Yuna. She looked amazing and Yuna is my all time favorite character ever! (I’ve always wanted to dress up as Yuna… it’ll never happen but she’s been my cosplay dream since I was a kid.)

Megacon-4My favorite part of the day was this group photo we all took with John Barrowman. I was the only one who had no idea who he was (oops) but after I saw his face he looked familiar (from Arrow.) We also sat through his panel and it was amazing, he was so funny!

We all went home after the panel… I was so not looking forward to all that walking back to my car. Sigh. Next year I’m definitely getting there earlier!

I have my maiden name back!


Last week I started the process of changing my last name back to my maiden name. When I first changed my last name it was such a breeze because I didn’t have very many legal things to change it on. Fast forward 3 years and now I have credit cards, vehicle registrations and insurance and so it was just a bit more terrifying this time around.

But thankfully it was still pretty easy. Everything is taken care of and now I have my “real” name back on my license. I immediately texted Wilson the good news, “I got it!! I have my new license!” He was excited too… probably really happy that he didn’t have to see “that ugly last name” anymore lol

Something else I got back this week was my car! Last week I had to drop my beautiful car off at the shop because I was having problems with the push-button not wanting to work and my brake lights were coming on and off. I dropped it off last Friday and had to borrow my brother’s car over the weekend, which was nice of him but I was eager to get my car back. Thankfully by Monday afternoon the shop called me and let me know it was ready to be picked up! Just in time too, because I had a girls night with Karen from Karen Nerds Out and Danielle from From Girlie to Nerdy planned for Wednesday!

painting-april-01 painting-april-02

All three of us met up to  paint Hogwarts! Karen made us all our very own Hogwarts letters and she brought us dark chocolate — yum! I am an awful painter but I still had so much fun. I texted Wilson my painting saying, “Look at my painting, it’s so bad but I had fun!” He was sweet though and said it looked beautiful. Haha what a little liar, but it made me smile. 😉

Wilson and I hung out on Friday night but he’s been away the rest of the weekend with work stuff so I’ve been enjoying my solo time at home. I’ve been writing blog posts, (still) editing photos from Wrestlemania and doing a lot of reading. I’m almost  done with “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed and today I ordered “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I know the movie is coming out soon and it looks like a sweet movie, so I want to read the book first! I love book to movie adaptions! They are my favorite!

Now that I have my name stuff taken care of I feel like I can finally RELAX!!

I’m going to Texas!


Two days after I went to see the Royal Rumble live at the Amway in Orlando I went online and bought my ticket for Wrestlemania 32. That was two months ago and now the weekend is finally (almost) here!!

This weekend I will be flying out to Dallas, TX with Wilson and we are both sooo excited. I have only been on an airplane once, when I was 17-18 with my mom when we flew to Mexico. I have been outside of Florida before with my family — on road trips to Mexico — but this will be my first trip outside of Florida without my family and I will actually be stopping and visiting a different state in the USA, something I’ve never done before (when we drive from Florida to Mexico we don’t make any stops except for bathroom breaks and to get gas… and our food is always a hot dog or a burger from the gas station.)

I’m nervous but also super excited. Definitely more excited than nervous. Thankfully Wilson is a frequent flyer so I’m glad he’ll be with me to calm me down while I have my nervous breakdowns at the airport lol


The thing is, I’m going to Dallas this weekend and I still have no idea what to pack. I haven’t even started packing and I know that I need to because if I wait last minute I know I’m going to forget something. Thankfully I did buy a suitcase already, so at least I got that out of the way. I found it at Target for $70; I love the black and white stripes and that there was extra luggage inside!

I’ll be sharing photos on Instagram if you want to follow along since I definitely use my Instagram as more of a memory/photo album and I don’t have an artsy/cute theme… probably why my followers list doesn’t grow much but that’s okay. Do any of you have snapchat? I have an account but I currently just use it to snapchat with Wilson and my siblings but I would love to exchange usernames with my blog buddies! Let me know in the comments!

Date night at the fair!



A couple weekends ago Wilson and I decided to go to the Central Florida Fair together. Neither of us had ever been to this fair so we thought it’d be fun to go. When I think of a fair the first thing I think about is a funnel cake! A funnel cake (which is the photo in the bottom left corner) is just batter deep fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar, or whatever really. The one we bought was half cinnamon/half sugar. It was so good. So disgustingly greasy and fatty, but delicious. We honestly felt crappy after we ate it lol but in the moment we were like, “this is amazing!” which is prety much how it goes every time I eat a funnel cake. 😛

We didn’t get on any rides (fair rides scare me a little) but we had a good time just walking around, eating a funnel cake and some pizza! I think there’s another fair next month, but I won’t be going to it. I think one funnel cake a year is good enough for me. 😀 When’s the last time you went to the fair? Have you ever tried a funnel cake before?

I got divorced on Tuesday (and I have a new blog name)

new-domain-oh-hey-jessI got divorced on Tuesday, and it feels strange and great and wonderful — basically a whole lot of feelings wrapped together, it’s hard to explain. It’s strange because obviously no one gets married hoping they will get divorced… but shit happens and now I am legally single again.

I started dating before I was divorced and am still seeing the same sweet guy I previously blogged about (and the one you see pop up on my Instagram!) He’s great. Really sweet, very funny, he just gets me and I’m so happy when I’m with him… it’s crazy because I don’t have to try to be happy when we are together… I just am and I love it! :)

My blog is a huge part of my life and even though I wasn’t blogging on it since the beginning I have had pyreflies.org since 2012; in May 2014 I started blogging on The Pyreflies then switched over to Pyreflies.org in May 2015. It’s a domain that means a lot to me and for quite awhile I had been wanting to start a new blog but I could never convince myself to let it go and start a new one… that is until I got divorced.

Something about getting divorced and closing that chapter made me feel like I was finally ready and able to move on from Pyreflies.org… I don’t think I will ever let it die completely. I’ll probably still renew it every year. . .

So this is my blog now, Oh Hey Jess. I thought the name was cute. Simple, easy to remember. Honestly no one even calls me Jess in real life or online (lol) but I liked it for a blog name. (Okay I lie, my boss calls me Jess and my sweet guy does too sometimes!)

The only thing that’s changed is the URL and name. Oh Hey Jess will continue to be what Pyreflies.org was: a personal lifestyle blog where I share everything and anything that I want. I’m really excited about blogging again and hope you’ll join me as I share with you my random thoughts and adventures!

P.S. I know I’m behind on blog reading. I promise I’ll catch up soon! <3